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Featuring Shimizu Park full of charm!

Shimizu, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture

Let’s have a view of Shimizu Park from the sky.

"Shimizu Park" is a very big park with a land area of 280,000 square meters.
It has lots of exciting facilities, including field athletics,
a camp site, and a pony farm!

【Attraction 1】 The largest in Japan?!

The size of field athletics in the park is the largest in Japan!
They have one hundred playground equipment of the water course,
the adventure course, and the challenge course in total!

【Attraction 2】 Abundant facilities!

You can enjoy yourself all day because the park contains six facilities,
including field athletics, a camp site, a barbecue site, a pony farm,
Aquaventure (a cubic huge maze), and Flower Fantasia(a flower garden)!
Noda Municipal Comprehensive Park adjacent to Shimizu Park includes a pool,
a tennis court, a baseball field, a gymnasium, a bouldering area,
and an athletics stadium, so you can also play there.

【Attraction 3】 The cherry blossoms and other flowers!!

Shimizu Park is one of the best places in Japan which is chosen as
one of '100 best sakura viewing points in Japan'.
It is also known as a prominent azalea viewing spot in Kanto region.
In addition, you can enjoy 500 kinds of flowers such as plum, peony,
and wisteria for all four seasons, and especially in autumn you can go to see the beautiful foliage.

Shimizu Park

906 Shimizu, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture


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