Feel like a lord?!

Featuring Sekiyado-jo Castle Museum

which has reproduced a castle tower in the Edo period!

Sekiyado, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture

Let’s have a view of Sekiyado-jo Castle Museum from the sky.

"Chiba Prefectural Sekiyado-jo Castle Museum" is located at the most northern part of Chiba Prefecture.
It opened in November 1995, and its castle tower is
reproduced based on the old record of the former Sekiyado-jo castle.
Under the theme of “the river and the related industries”, this museum introduces
the history of the river improvement and water transport, Sekiyado-jo castle, and Sekiyado Domain
and displays various materials on the relations between the river and people living in the areas surrounding it.

【Attraction 1】 Feels like a lord?!

As you go through the big castle gate, it is as if you were in the Edo period.
You can feel the flow of the era there.

【Attraction 2】 An exhibition of rare items and a lucid introduction

There are lots of materials and exhibitions in various exhibition rooms.
Many models and library shots are prepared,
so anyone can easily understand the history of the time.

【Attraction 3】 Overwhelmingly powerful castle tower

The castle tower on the 3rd floor and the 4th floor imitating Sekiyado-jo Castle
in the Edo period offers a fabulous view of Edo River, Tone River and so on.

Chiba Prefectural Sekiyado-jo Castle Museum

143-4 Sangenya, Sekiyado, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture


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